Words of gratitude

Every birth journey I get invited to is incredibly special to me. Sharing the most intimate and significant days of people's lives with them is an honour second to none. Being able to support and empower families to make their births a positive experience, tailored to their needs, and being there to debrief when things don't quite go to plan, is something I feel strongly about. Every single family I have supported holds a very special place in my heart and I will be forever grateful to them. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all the women and families that have put their trust in me in their most vulnerable times.



alex with F.

alex with F.

“Hiring Aurelia was the best choice I made during my pregnancy with my 5th child. I think that, no matter how experienced you are with pregnancy or birth, support and nurturing is something inherently needed. I think we all need to know that someone is there wanting us to be happy (whilst also respecting the full spectrum of human emotion), and supporting us unconditionally in whatever feelings and fears surface.

Aurelia's support was so different (and much better) than the support I had received in the past during pregnancy. There was no invalidating how I was feeling, I never felt as though I was wrong to be feeling anything. I always felt that I mattered. And that was given to me by Aurelia. 

In the past, I had felt the social judgement that having feelings or needs in pregnancy was inconsequential to the needs of your baby. Of course, we matter too! Loving ourselves doesn't take anything from our babies. And Aurelia knows that and her job centres around facilitating that. And she does it well!

Aurelia brought a sense of calm, kindness, and love to our home. She is skilled in supporting in so many ways!

One thing that stuck out for me, was the support she provided to my partner and also my children. It was not just about me, it was about the people around me, the people who were linked to me, the atmosphere that was interconnected with my pregnancy and my birth and how I was feeling and how I could feel. She had a beautifully holistic understanding of pregnancy and birth.

By the time my birth arrived, I felt a serenity and peace I can't adequately describe. It was a perfect way to enter a birth and my experience of that birth sprung from that feeling. I credit much of this to Aurelia and the support she weaved all around me as I approached the day I would meet my daughter.

I enjoyed my birth like I have never enjoyed anything else before. It was empowering, yet common place. Exciting, yet No Big Deal. Challenging, yet serene and intuitive.

Thank you, Aurelia, for your perfect and unwavering efforts around me, my baby, my loved ones, my wishes, and my fears.” –Alex

Verlie & mark with Dexter and vivienne

Verlie & mark with Dexter and vivienne

"We hired Aurelia as our Doula for our second birth, first homebirth.

After having a very traumatic cesarean birth with my son it was important for me to find the right care team for me and my family. Initially I hadn’t thought about a Doula but as my husband works away a lot of the time and with no family around we decided that a Doula would be a good option.

I had met Aurelia before I even knew she was a practicing Doula and loved her happy and positive persona, so it made perfect sense to hire her when I discovered her passion for birth and being a Doula. Aurelia has an amazing sense of calm about her and from the first time I met with her I knew we would get along well. Aurelia is very passionate and knowledgeable about pregnancy, labour, birth and the post partum period and was an essential part of my birth team. Aurelia is a very positive woman and I feel that helped me to be positive too during my very long labour. At no point did I ever have to think about drinking or eating, Aurelia would every now and then pop a drinking straw to my mouth or offer me healthy snacks which was always appreciated. Her knowledge and skills meant that I never had to think of anything and could concentrate on what I needed to do. Aurelia would suggest positions or places such as the shower or if I was resting she would turn on my Hypnobirthing tracks to help me relax. Aurelias ‘tool box’ seemed overflowing, she used pressure points in my ankles, homeopathics, massage and tender loving care throughout. My husband adored Aurelia also and they made quite a team. It was important for me that my husband had someone he could rely on too if he had to leave to attend to our son or wanted to ask a question. Even though they have very different points of view and beliefs they respected each other and worked together. After my daughter was born Aurelia made me a lovely tea to help with bleeding and within an hour I was eating the most delicious rice pudding to help replenish me with leftovers stashed in the fridge which were very much appreciated over the following days. My experience having Aurelia as our Doula was so incredibly positive, she will always be part of my daughters’ story and I feel honoured that I can now call her a friend." ~Verlie

Julie and Lyla doula client - Perth

Julie and Lyla


"I was so blessed to meet Aurelia when I did, as I had begun to plan my first home birth & had no idea where to start.

She was confident & friendly, also very nurturing & attentive. She generously shared her wealth of knowledge & experience, which helped me believe in my own abilities. The birth of my daughter Lyla, was such an incredibly empowering & magical experience, I will be forever grateful for the support of Aurelia, who is now a dear friend." -Julie

After a very disappointing first birth experience ending in an “emergency” C-Section I was adamant that my second child would be delivered vaginally and on my terms. We emigrated to Australia when my son was 18 months old and I immediately joined VBAC groups to learn and get recommendations and Aurelia’s name always came up as the “VBAC  doula”. When we found out I was pregnant, I started interviewing Doula’s and at first meeting with Aurelia we just clicked and I knew I was in good hands. 

Now the support I needed was a little more involved in that my husband was not going to be at the birth with me, so not only was she going to be my doula, but my only birth support.

Over the next few months, she attended anti natal classes with me, hypnobirthing classes, was an absolute wealth of information from anything and everything birth and post birth related. The advice given was never biased and always for informative. She respected my decision and choices in all areas and was always professional, respectful and compassionate. 

When the day arrived, I called Aurelia what I thought was earlier than I would normally have just to let her know that things were starting to happen but it was still early. She arrived not much after that and she helped with the lighting, the mood, managing my husband and mother in law who were also in the house (just not in the room I was). What I thought would be a long night ahead of us, turned out to be about 3 hours and we were heading to the hospital, following a comment “if you don’t want to have this baby at home, we need to leave now”. 

All I had to do was focus on myself, she spoke with the midwives, doctors, got us checked in, sorted out the mood in the room, put up my birth plan, asked for quiet as I was hypnobirthing , in  between massaging my back and helping me through each contraction. 30 minutes later, I was lying down in bed breastfeeding my daughter. Things moved so fast, but all the while remained calm and controlled.

I can honestly say that without her, my successful VBAC would not have been as memorable as it was, she kept me calm and collected knowing I was in good hands. 

She honestly thought of everything, from what I was drinking, to all the accessories for the room, to keeping my husband in the loop, to managing the midwives and doctors, to keeping me comfortable. 

She is such an amazing, strong, special lady and I was honestly blessed and honored to have had her as my support.          -Debra 

Deb & sagi with ehtan and talia

Deb & sagi with ehtan and talia

Twins zion and oliver

Twins zion and oliver

I think one of the first things I said to Aurelia after the birth of my twins was “You’re amazing!”

It takes a very special person to be such a calming and supporting presence in someone else’s birth space – to be present in the ‘rawness’ of it all.  Even though my labour was very short (Aurelia arrived about half an hour before the birth of Twin A) Aurelia was there when I needed her the most.  I felt supported and more capable with her in the room and she instinctively knew what I needed; she knew just where to apply pressure on my lower back to ease the most painful contractions, the first time in three labours that I didn’t feel so out of control and scream the roof down!

Thank you Aurelia for helping make this birth my most special. -Sharene 

Jo and G. moments after her amazing HBAC

Jo and G. moments after her amazing HBAC

"I had Aurelia recommended to me by quite a few of her prior clients when I happened to reach out on a FB group looking for a doula for the birth of my second child. The idea was that I would meet with a few doulas to get a feel for their varying personalities etc but when I met with Aurelia I just knew straight away she was right for my family. Aurelia has the right mix of grace and guts – she exuded the warmth I was looking for whilst also having a quiet strength about her which I was really relying on this time around due to the potential absence of my husband during the birth of my bubs, and the hospital possibly pushing me for a second caesarean at the eleventh hour which I definitely did not want this time around. As it transpired, on the day I went into labour I decided to stay at home and birth my child due to having recently brought on board an independent midwife and I can honestly say it was the most memorable and empowering experience of my life! Thanks to Aurelia, this rolled out seamlessly for me and I am forever grateful to her (and her poor hand which I think I must have mangled from squeezing it so tight during labour lol!). As she shared this incredible experience with our family Aurelia will always have a special place in our hearts and our precious family memories. I would happily recommend this lovely lady to anyone."  -Jo

Kirsten Birth Blessing Ceremony Perth

"The lovely Aurelia conducted my Mother’s Blessing for me while I was pregnant with my 4th babe. In the lead up to the day she was super accomodating to all my needs and questions and always replied promptly.
The ceremony was nothing like I have experienced before, I felt loved and cherished and it was the perfect day to help me know I was surrounded by support for my impending birth. My beautiful necklace made from the beads my guests bought me on the day will be valued forever.

Thank You Aurelia."  -Kirsten

Melissa admiring baby b. straight after birth

Melissa admiring baby b. straight after birth



We sought a doula for additional support on our birth journey with our first child. We particularly wanted someone who was not a family member at our birth. 
Aurelia was wonderful, she was respectful and non-judgemental throughout our birthing journey. During our birth she was a calming and supportive presence. She was attuned to the changing energy during the birth of our daughter and she respectfully followed the ebbs and flows of labour. She continued to provide much needed support in the post-natal period as we adjusted to becoming new parents.
We would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering engaging the services of a doula.   - Melissa and Nelson

Kelly and Kris with baby C.

Kelly and Kris with baby C.

Aurelia is the perfect person to share your birthing experience with, a memory which will last a lifetime. Her genuine compassion and easy going nature made me feel at total ease, whilst empowering my birth team with knowledge and support.

I contacted Aurelia to just get a feel about what role a Doula plays in a birth. It was going to be my first birth, and a homebirth at that. The first time we met I felt comfort in her devotion to my positive birth experience, but I also knew that she would encourage my husband and Mum to feel confident with their part in the birth of our baby. Aurelia did just that!
When I went into labor my husband was still on the other side of the country. Determined to have a beautiful birth regardless, I found peace in the fact that I had Aurelia by my side. She organized everything, from filling up the birthing pool, setting up the room, keeping me hydrated, guiding my Mum, being by my side, and performing the most amazing pain relieving techniques. I’m sure she did so much more than what I was aware of.
When my husband finally made it home my baby had just crowned. Aurelia ushered him to my side, allowing him to step into the role that she had taken in his absence. He made it home for the birth of our baby girl…. just! I couldn’t recommend Aurelia enough to facilitate your positive birth experience, but to also empower your birth team to support you in ways that they probably didn’t know how to. -Kelly