Placenta Encapsulation Services 

The placenta holds great significance in many different cultures. Some consume the placenta and others use it for rituals such as burying. 
My passion for this amazing organ has been sparked during my studies with APPA (Association of Placenta Preparation Arts).
Working with placentas is very special, every single time, and I take great pride in handling every placenta with utmost respect and care. 

While placentophagy is certainly undergoing a small revival and growing in popularity, it is not something new. It goes as far back as Hippocratic texts and is even recorded in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 28: 57 refers to the eating of the afterbirth by the mother in the time of siege).
It wasn’t until the eighteenth century that the medical profession rejected it.

Placentophagy is defined as "the ingestion of a human placenta". And although there is very limited research available, women report varying benefits for their postpartum period. 


Placenta Encapsulation Pricing

Placenta Encapsulation

This includes:

  • Choice of either Raw Start or Traditional Method preparation
  • Complimentary Cord Keepsake

    $300   excl. pick up and drop off
    $350   incl. pick up and drop off

Areas I service for pick up and drop off at the above price include Armadale, Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH), St John of God (SJOG) Murdoch, Bentley, Glengarry, SJOG Midland, SJOG Subiaco, SJOG Mt.Lawley, Family Birth Centre (FBC), King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) and Joondalup and surrounds.

Hospitals and areas further away I will happily refer on or arrange a suitable agreement with you.

Additional options

These prices are calculated as add ons to placenta encapsulation services only.
If you would like just tincture or prints without encapsulation, please contact me to arrange a suitable agreement.

  • Tincture              $60
  • Placenta Print     $15

"This might sound weird but I think the placenta is magic. I'm not joking, as soon as I took it I felt better."

                                                               - text message I received from K. a gorgeous first time mother - 



  • What are the benefits of placenta encapsulation?

    Although there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, there is very limited, and mostly dated research around placentophagy available. However, women have reported that they experienced increased energy, reduced postpartum bleeding, increase in breastmilk and reduced postpartum depression after consuming their placenta. Some believe that consuming your placenta may also help balance hormones, help restore iron levels and help with mother infant bonding.
    Just as we are all individual, so are placentas and their make up. Therefore each placenta varies in its hormonal content and different women have different experiences with the consumption of placenta capsules.  

  • How long does it take until I get my capsules?

    General turn around time is 24 - 48 hours after pick up/drop off if your placenta is fresh. For frozen placentas please allow an additional 24 hours for safe defrosting. 

    Please remember that I am also a birth doula and on-call. In the event that I am with clients when you call, there may be a delay of 24 hours or more in starting the preparation of your placenta. 

  • What is the difference between Traditional Method or Raw Start preparation?

    In order for us to birth, we need to open up. The belief is that the act of birthing is cooling for the body and needs heating to restore balance. Many traditional cultures revolve their postpartum traditions around the closing and warming of the body. In the traditional method of placenta preparation, the placenta is gently steamed with lemon, ginger and jalapeños. Lemon is considered yin and yang, therefore neutral energy, whereas ginger and chilli are yang, warm/hot energy. After the steaming process is completed, the placenta is finely sliced, dehydrated and then ground into powder which is put into capsules ready for consumption.

    In the raw preparation method, we omit the steaming step and the placenta is sliced and dehydrated raw before being ground into powder and filled into capsules. The raw preparation method results in minimally less hormone loss compared to the traditional method.

  • What capsules do you use?

    I use size 00 clear vegetable capsules made from HPMC; Hypromellose Celluslose (plant fibre) and purified water. They are GMO free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well. The size compares to general vitamin or herbal tablets.
    The capsules are generally tasteless but if requested I can order flavored capsules or smaller size at an additional cost.

  • Is there any contraindications to taking my placenta capsules at any time?

    It is not advised to consume placenta capsules if you are unwell or fighting an infection such as, but not limited to, mastitis.

  • Are there any negative side effects when consuming my placenta?

    About 4% of women report experiencing headaches after taking their encapsulated placenta pills. This can sometimes be alleviated by adjusting the dose.
    Another negative side effect, reported by about 7% of women in a study conducted at the University of Nevada in 2013, was unpleasant taste or smell, including unpleasant belching.
    Most participants reported no negative side effects.
    Also, some mothers prone to anxiety have reported heightened anxiety after consuming placenta capsules processed raw. Consuming the placenta processed TCM however, did not have the same effect on them.


freshly capped Placenta capsules

"tree of life" - placenta print 

cord keepsake


Placenta Encapsulation Certification - Perth Hills Doula

By entrusting me with the processing of your placenta, you can be assured that appropriate safety and sanitation standards are followed. APPA (Association of Placenta Preparation Arts) is the most comprehensive placenta preparation training available and holds its students to the highest standards in the industry. I am extremely proud to call myself an APPAC.
Part of my training also includes to hold a current Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate as well as a Safe Food Handling Certificate.


Feedback I received...

"I'm so sad my placenta is finishing this week. It's saved my life. I noticed such a massive difference. Thank you soooo much."  - K.-

"Amazing and fast service by Aurelia. She went above and beyond to include great details and little extras with the placenta capsules. I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to encapsulate their placenta."  - Lauren, Facebook review -

"Fantastic and efficient! Went above and beyond for us and made everything just happen without us having to think about it so we could focus on our new Bub! Very understanding of the realities for new mummas!"  - Claire, Facebook review -



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