Why hire a doula?


With 1 in 7 women, and 1 in 10 men experiencing postnatal depression in Australia, our maternity system is clearly in strive. Pregnancy and Birth is a huge, life changing event. While it is just a short snippet of time, how you experience it will shape the rest of your life.

A doula can help you and your partner to approach your birthing more confidently. She can help you feel at ease and cared for, both antenatally and during your labour and birth. Having the mental, emotional and physical support of a doula leaves you and your partner free to "get on" with your birthing and fully immerse yourself in the experience.


What is a doula?

The Oxford Dictionary describes a doula as: "A woman, typically without formal obstetric training, who is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman during labour."

The word "doula" originates from the modern Greek and translates as "female slave".  And while a doula is not your slave in the literal sense, she is at your service.
A doula is employed directly by you, not the hospital or any other care provider, and therefore your doula is not bound by hospital policies and procedures. This can be very beneficial as she has no bias and can help you find information on intervention and processes that is evidence based, rather than policy based. 


Doula Packages

Basic Birth Doula Package

This package includes:

  • 3 antenatal visits
  • full access to my extensive doula library
  • on call from 38 weeks until birth (including phone/email/chat support)
  • labour and birth attendance (until about 2 hours post birth)
  • 1 postnatal and debrief visit

$ 1250

Empowered Birth Package

This package includes:

  • Full Basic Birth Package
  • Birth Blessing Ceremony



$ 1500

Complete Journey Package

This package includes:

  • Empowered Birth Package
  • Postpartum Sealing Ceremony
  • Traditional Belly Biding (Bind included)

$ 1750


Doula and placenta package

Placenta Encapsulation Services are available to all my doula clients at a reduced rate of $200 added on to any chosen Doula Package.

Repeat clients

Heavily reduced rates and adjusted packages are available to my dear repeat clients. Please contact me directly for individual pricing. 

Midwife and doula package

We are incredibly fortunate to have some amazing Privately Practicing Midwives in Perth. I understand that it can be a significant investment for families to employ both a Privately Practicing Midwife and a Doula for their birth. 
I am working on developing collaborative agreements with privately practicing midwives, please ask me for more details. 

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