Ceremonies - honouring pivotal life moments

Every culture celebrates certain occasions with a ceremony and/or ritual. These occasions are generally spiritually transformational and often mark a rite of passage. While many celebrations in modern culture are heavily based on materialistic and commercial ideals, our celebrations are focussing on connection, feeding of the soul and spiritual growth.
Each ceremony is individually tailored to your needs and can be adapted to suit your circumstances.


What we offer...

Birth Blessing ceremony  -  $300

A Birth Blessing Ceremony celebrates a woman's rite of passage into birth and motherhood. It is an occasion to sit in circle with women, building a network of support and nurturing for the mother to be. Building her village for support through the last days of pregnancy and for the days and weeks of the postpartum period. 

A Birth Blessing is a wonderful and unique way to honour the mother to be, spend time with her, debrief fear, share stories with her and to instil confidence and strength for her impending birth.

Included in your Birth Blessing package is:

  • a planning meeting (approx. 1 hour)

  • compiling of your personalised blessing

  • PDF invite to forward to your guests

  • most materials

  • facilitation of your Birth Blessing Ceremony


Baby blessing ceremony  -  $250

If a religious blessing does not necessarily suit your needs, a privately organised Baby Blessing might be just perfect to honour the arrival of your child. 

It might be as simple as bestowing blessings upon the baby and the parents or can be combined with burial of the placenta. It is a beautiful occasion to welcome the baby into your family that can be held as an intimate little ceremony or include your extended family and friends that will be influential throughout, and supportive of, your childs' journey earthside.

Included in your Baby Blessing package is:

  • a planning meeting (approx. 1 hour)

  • compiling of your personalised blessing

  • facilitation of your Baby Blessing



sealing ceremony  -  $250

A Sealing Ceremony, also know as "Closing of the bones" is a beautiful way to honour the work our bodies do in bringing our children earthside, to process the birthing and to restore balance. Birthing requires us to open up, both physically and mentally/emotionally. The ceremony is designed to bring warmth back and help you process your experience. 

Included in your Sealing Ceremony package is:

  • initial consult (via phone or in person depending on your location)

  • compiling of your ceremony

  • all materials

  • facilitation of your ceremony

  • Belly Bind


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