About me


I am a Mother to 3 incredible little humans and a complete birth and placenta nerd. 
And it all started when…

The birth of my first child was not what I envisioned for her.

I went into my pregnancy and birth journey completely unprepared and practically handed over every aspect of my pregnancy and birth to my obstetrician. For the birth of my second daughter, I took charge of my experience and employed an Independent Midwife. It was the best decision I have ever made and it truly changed my life. 

Within a few days of the birth of my second daughter I proclaimed I wanted to become a midwife so that I can help women achieve better births. My wonderful midwife suggested I would have better luck at empowering women being a doula. And just like that, I was set on the path to become a birth worker.

In August 2014 I got involved in hosting Positive Birth Movement meet ups and in 2015 I began my doula training. Not long after certification, I got to support my first birthing family and I haven't looked back since.
However, I did have a very unexpected small break of hands on doula work when I fell pregnant and birthed my third child in 2016. I used the "time off" to further my career by studying placentophagy and becoming an APPA certified placenta encapsulation specialist. 

When I am taking some time away from birth world, I like spending time with my family, reading, skiing (I know.... a bit hard in Perth. I am originally Swiss though and grew up in the mountains) and spending time in nature. 


How can I help you?

What I want for you, is to have a birth that leaves you empowered and strong!
I want you to take charge and do what is best for you. While I will give you physical and emotional/mental support, I will not "baby" you. I want you to find your power and own your birth. You will be responsible for, and accepting the outcome of any decision you make along the way. My promise to you is that it will leave you knowing your power, strength and determination; qualities that will serve you well in your parenting as well as in personal growth. 

While I am a strong believer in natural, physiological birth, my aim as your doula is to help you achieve the birth that is right for you. That picture of the ideal birth is very different for different people and there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to birth. For some this is a drug free, water birth at home and someone else might find their power in having a healing caesarean section that has been carefully planned in collaboration with your care provider. 
I will help you find the resources you need to make informed decisions around your pregnancy and birth. I will respect and support any decision you make to the best of my ability. 
Just like every birth is different, my support varies depending on your needs. 

Contact me today to arrange our initial complimentary, obligation free appointment.