Your Birth and Parenthood experience matters

Let me help you plan for, and achieve, a birth experience that leaves you empowered, ready to parent strongly and with fond memories. Why?

Because you matter.


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"I do not care what kind of birth you have... a home birth, scheduled caesarean, epidural hospital birth, or if you birth alone in the woods next to baby deer.

I care that you had options, that you were supported in your choices, and that you were respected."

- January Harshe -




Doulas can help you with antenatal education, finding information and planning your ideal birth.
In the lead up as well as during labour and birth, a doula will give emotional, mental and physical support to the labouring mother and her partner

Placenta Services

Placenta encapsulation has grown in popularity over the last few years. 
Women report great benefits for their 4th trimester. 
Strict protocols and sanitation are of upmost importance when processing to ensure your safety, therefore only a qualified specialist should be trusted with this service.


Pivotal life moments should be marked and celebrated. 
I can help you create a ceremony that suits your individual needs. A day that you can look back on with fond memories.


Support Group

In a time where the "village" has been lost, finding a supportive and positive group of women can make a big difference to your pregnancy, birth and motherhood experience.
We meet monthly in a relaxed and supportive environment and would love to welcome you to our group.


“Hiring Aurelia was the best choice I made during my pregnancy with my 5th child. I think that, no matter how experienced you are with pregnancy or birth, support and nurturing is something inherently needed. I think we all need to know that someone is there wanting us to be happy (whilst also respecting the full spectrum of human emotion), and supporting us unconditionally in whatever feelings and fears surface. ..."


Welcome to my website. 

This is me, having just witnessed a dear friend birthing her son. At 16 weeks of pregnancy she was told she wouldn't be able to birth her "huge" baby without intervention and needed to be induced at 38 weeks. She chose to take her power back, changed care providers and birthed her (not so little) baby at 42 weeks gestation like a goddess. Calmly, with strength, grace and incredible power. Completely intervention free and on her terms.

And this is what I want for you! This is what I live for. Helping women find their power and making their births positive, no matter what they look like. Making decisions that are right for them and taking responsibility for the outcome. 


"I think one of the first things I said to Aurelia after the birth of my twins was “You’re amazing! ...”




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